boat ride

saturday i drove over to dianas right after work. i got to see her for about 10 seconds, then she had to take off and go to work! after being up all night and then driving to see her, i went inside and fell right to sleep. when she got out of work i had gotten up and got ready. we drove over to her moms house to celebrate the 4th of july (on the 5th...). there is a clubhouse type thing on the lake they live on and they were planning on doing their fireworks that night. when we arrived some of her extended family was there too. we had burgers on the grill, and then we went for a boat ride. the lake they live on is part of a series of lakes and one one side of it there is a cool summer camp which is nice because that means that land is mostly untouched and still a thick woodland. the scenery was amazingly beautiful! diana and i sat on the front of the pontoon with our feet in the water. it was really cool to cruise around the water and take in the sites. later that night we headed back out and watched the fireworks from the middle of the lake. the fireworks werent that great, but the experience was.
(more pics)

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