'08 comic con

the reason the guys came down this past weekend was for the annual comic book convention in chicago. we have been going for many years now. years ago i went to a couple of these by myself when i was really into comics. now im not really very into comics, but its such a blast we still go anyway!
the convention was a bit early this year. in years past it has always been the first weekend of august, but for some reason they bumped it to the last weekend of june. it was still fun, but i think i liked it better in august, then it gives me more time to look forward to it!
it was a blast to check out everything, there were booths set up by different publishers, the marvel one had this cool 9 foot tall hulk, different retailers, and different artists in the business. i found some good deals, but didnt spend too much money (which is good cause i dont have much...).
its always a blast to have aaron, jeffry lee, and rex come down for a couple nights. we watched some movies and got pizza hut on friday night, which always leads to getting to the convention late on saturday. oh well, we had enough time, and a lot of fun!
(more pics: 1, 2, 3)

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