movie and a treat

on wednesday i went to the movie theater and bought 35 movie tickets.
in the spring each year school has an auction to raise money for tuition assistance and other things. each year they ask me if i would be willing to do something to auction off. the past couple years they have auctioned off an afternoon with me to go mini golfing and get ice cream. that always sold well, raising quite a bit of money for the school. unfortunately the mini golf place was torn down last fall, so i needed to think of something different.
my idea for this year was to make it an event that anyone could be a part of. we offered the opportunity to go see 'journey to the center of the earth 3D' (my review is here) with myself and the youth pastor ken. after the movie we would take the kids out for ice cream too. we had about 33 kids sign up, which raised a ton of money. so, this past wednesday we got together and went to see the movie. the movie was a lot of fun, with students ranging from 5th graders all the way up to former students who are going to be junior this coming year.
we had a great time at the movie and getting ice cream at dairy queen. it was fun to see the kids again, and a good reminder to me that working the night shift at the grocery store is thankfully only temporary...
(more pics)

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