the families meet

this past wednesday was a big one. for the first time my parents met dianas parents. yikes! dianas mom and stepdad have been saying for a while that they would love to have my parents over and have a grill out and go for a ride on the boat. well, we finally found a time that would work, and so they came.
it was a blast! it was the parents and also dianas sister, her boyfriend, diana, and i. everything went really well, and everyone got along. there wasnt even any awkwardness at all! it helped that a couple weeks ago my mom and sister came down to shop for a wedding dress with diana, her sister, and her mom. so, my mom and her mom had already met. i was a little nervous for how the whole thing would go down, but it turned out that all that was for nothing- they got along smashingly. once everyone arrived we went out on the boat while dianas stepdad stayed back and got all the food ready (hes quite the cook). it was a beautiful day and we got to chat while on the boat. when we got back to their house the food was almost ready so we sat down on the porch and dug in. everyone really seemed to enjoy each others company and we all listened to each others stories and learned about each other.
by the end of the night my parents had to get going, a two hour drive has a way of ending the night... but it was obvious that we all enjoyed the night and enjoyed our time together. wow, what a relief! both diana and i really value our families, so it was quite a treat to see them have a great time getting to know each other.
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Anonymous said...

Mark & Diana, we had a great time with the fam!! We will have to plan another grill out at Sandy Pines!