grandma time

this past weekend i got to meet even more of my future in laws. ive met all of dianas moms family, but i hadnt yet met anyone from her dads side of the family. on sunday we fixed that. diana and i picked up her dad and drove over to see her grandma. we had a great time, we ate dinner, and then just got to sit and visit for a couple hours. as we talked her aunt, uncle, cousin and her two kids stopped as well. it was really nice to get the chance to meet some more of her family. her grandma is something else... she is about the smallest woman ive ever seen! shes 91, and probably less than five foot tall, weighs no more than eighty five pounds, and has a hilariously squeaky mouse voice! and let me tell you- she is a ball! shes feisty, quick witted, and doesnt take any guff from anybody. she had me laughing the whole time! her uncle and aunt were very sweet as well. hes a retired pastor, so it was fun to talk with him about that a little bit. her cousins kids are junior high age, so it was easy to chat with them as well.
we got to spend a nice day together, see her family, and spend some time with her dad, which i always enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Mark, sounds like you had a fun Sunday! Dians'a Grandma sounds like a hoot!! Hopefully we will meet her in March.

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Oops - just a little slip of the fingers on Diana's name Sorry.