nerding out

while we were at the comic book convention we were just walking down the different rows of comic retailers, just looking at the different toys and bins of comics. then, out of the corner of my eye, i recognized the guy next to me looking at the same stuff. it was comic book artist and creator rob liefeld! i instantly nerded out. he created and drew a lot of the characters i loved growing up! he worked on 'x-force' and created the characters cable and deadpool. later he helped found 'image comics' and created the book 'youngblood'. i later changed my opinion about him, but you still got to give the man credit for what he created. i turned and spoke to him for a minute, telling him i really loved his work, and got really nerdy and asked him for a picture. im sure he gets sick of this sort of thing, but it was really cool to meet him.

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