lock, stock, and sleepy

its been a bit difficult getting used to this new work schedule. ive been working nights at a grocery stocking shelves for the past four weeks, and its wreaking havoc on me. i go to work at midnight and get home at 7 am. im still not sure if i should go to bed right way, or stay up until the afternoon and sleep until i have to get ready for work. oh, and the weekends dont help. i get the weekends off, which allows me to go and see diana, but she is on a sane persons schedule, so if i want to see her i have to go during the day (i.e. sleepy time for me). so ive been staying up all friday so i can sleep friday night and have a normal saturday and sunday, but then i have to adjust back to the night shift on monday. which is insane.
but at least work is going well. i really like stocking shelves, and find it surprisingly fulfilling. the problem is the time and the crazy coworkers. there is a reason they are on the night shift... its gotten a little better since my first day of silence. for some reason no one talked during my first day. but they have gotten a bit more talkative, which i guess is a good thing... i take much comfort in the fact that i can listen to my mp3 player while i work.

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