getting the blessing

last wednesday i went to go and get dianas parents blessing. i called up her mom and step dad david to meet with them tuesday late afternoon, and called up her dad to meet with him in the evening. im pretty sure they all knew what was up considering its kinda weird otherwise to make plans to visit your girlfriends parents without her...
i was a bit anxious about the whole thing. as i was driving over to their house the nerves started to build. i knew that i needed and wanted to talk with them first, but to be actually doing it was a completely different thing. every couple of minutes my mind would make another strange realization: im going to ask her to marry me?! im going to have a wife?! these people are now going to be a part of my family?! the weight of it all slowly set in.
i got to her moms place around 4:15. she wasnt home yet from work, so i chatted with david. they were in the process of moving, so we talked a bit about that and the summer plans for the new lake house. we both chatted about our families and stuff. finally, around 5:30, her mom arrived. after a couple minutes of light conversation, i began to ask the question i had come there to ask. 'well, as im sure you probably guessed, the reason im here is to ask for your blessing to...' thats as far as i got. i had a whole little speach planned out, but her mom interrupted me with exclamations of 'yes! yes!' before i could quite finish it. i shared with them a bit of what i was planning for the weekend, and both were very excited for us. they both had great things to say and heaped praises on diana. im sure she would have felt embarrassed if she had been there. after that they both shared some great bits of advice for me about her and about the whole marriage thing. it was very encouraging and helpful stuff that im sure will come in handy.
after the hugs and happiness, i went to go see her dad. i wasnt quite sure how to get to his house, so he met me and we drove together to a restaurant. we sat down and immediately he asked 'so, whats this all about then?' yikes! i didnt even get to warm up with him! hes very direct, but in a good way. so i asked for his blessing, and he said yes. hurray! two for two! im batting 1000! we then had a very relaxed dinner as we talked about diana, work, art, and everything else. he too had some great things to say about her, and gave me some tips for keeping her happy.

now, only one thing left: asking her...

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