the question

we drove over the the sandy pines chapel and took the trail right behind it. it lead to a nice and secluded little beach. we got out and sat on the sand and talked for a bit, enjoying the perfect weather and the beautiful scenery. after about ten minutes i was ready to ask the question, but just then a bunch of kids came and crashed the place. two carts full of kids came barreling in and they all jumped out and stormed the beach. shoot! we sat and talked for another ten or fifteen minutes as i tried to wait them out hoping that they would leave. they didnt. diana, oblivious, says 'im getting kind of warm, how about we get out of here.' dang! i reluctantly agree. bound and determined though, i drive down a little ways and head take the cart down a trail that politely put, was rough terrain. it was not meant for riding on, but i had a mission that i was not going to fail on.
we stepped out. the view was still beautiful, but not nearly as nice as the beach we had just been forced out of. as we stood there i put my arm around her and she put her head on my chest. 'wow, your heart is beating really fast!' she said. 'i think i might know why...' i admitted. i got down on one knee, asked her if she wouldnt mind hanging out with me for the rest of her life, and she said ok! (i was actually a bit more eloquent than that, but thats just for me and her).
we had talked about it a lot before, but she was still very surprised and very excited! she loved the ring and, much to my continual amazement, she loves me too. which is a good thing, because she is the love of my life. now comes the good part: the rest of our lives...


triciac said...

HOORAY! Sending your way a big fricking congratulations.


Anonymous said...

Mark, that was such a great day!This past Saturday I re-lived it! Now all the fun begins :)