papas day

on sunday i went out to sandy pines for lunch. i met my parents out there and we grilled out with tim and jill and the kids. we had a fun time, and i got to give my dad his fathers day gift.
now, heres the thing about my dad: he doesnt watch too many movies, but he definitely has his favorites. his absolute favorites are 'the godfather' movies (which i got him for christmas), and then there are a few more questionable ones that he loves... for some reason i dont quite grasp my dad really loves any movie with steven seagal in it! knowing this, i came across a book recently that i knew he would just love: its called 'seagalogy' and its a collection of essays about each and every seagal film! i paged through it and got a kick out of the utter ridiculousness of it all. when he opened it he was very surprised that such a thing even existed. i hope he enjoys reading it, and im sure it will make him want to watch some of the old movies again. to each his own, i guess...

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