new friends

last weekend i went over to see diana and spend the night hanging out with some of her friends. ive met a few of her friends, but this was an opportunity to meet a bunch of the people that she works with. we drove over and met everyone who was getting out of work at closing time and we headed downtown south bend. there is a place down there thats a three story pub that they go to sometimes, so i tagged along. it was fun getting to meet some of the different people that ive been hearing stories about for the past few months; put faces to names. soon after we got there a few of the guys went over to play pool and darts, so i figured id join them. they were very cool about including me, and by the end of the night i was feeling like i fit right in. its really cool to be able to meet people diana spends her days with and to find that they are really nice and funny.
also, our plans for the wedding started to feel more real. we sat in dianas living room with barbara and worked through a list of who we would like to come to the wedding. we figured that we would have to make a list of who we would like, and then have to painstakingly whittle it down to a manageable amount, but it looks like we might be able to include everyone we want to. score!

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