the setup

we headed out to sandy pines to see my parents and show diana the place. we got there and met up with my mom, jill, and the kids at the flea market. after wandering around there for a while we stopped over at tim and jills trailer. we went back to my parents lot and hung out. we had lunch and chatted with my mom (dad was out golfing). i wanted to show her around so we got in the golf cart and i took her on a tour of the place. we drove by all the cool places, we even checked out the new water park that they just put in. i showed her the lake, the golf course, and the beautiful scenery and she was quite impressed. we ended our tour, and by then my dad was back so we talked with them for a while.
diana said she would love to take another cart ride and mentioned that she wanted to go stop at the beach and check it out. everything was going according to plan. i had a little something in my pocket and the perfect place to take her. everything was going to work out just as i hoped...

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