break begins

summer vacation is here!!! its been over a week now since school got out, but im still getting used to it. it doesnt feel like break already, ive hardly even gotten to sleep in yet! ive been keeping really busy, so everything has been going by really quick.
last week tuesday diana had do have some oral surgery, so she took off a few days afterward in case it was really painful and she needed the rest. turned out that it wasnt too bad and she was feeling fine the next day! so, i headed over there and we went on a quick little road trip. her friend lissa left her car by dianas house, so we needed to drive it back to her in detroit (long story, her dad is doing fine). we drove it over to her, and then went up to grand rapids. we figured we could take some time to set up the basics for the wedding. we visited a couple churches and a couple reception halls to get a feel for what our options were. we also dropped of dianas ring to get reset (the setting they had put on what the wrong one). wednesday night we had dinner with the family at grand villa, and we headed back down afterward. it was a pretty productive day and we got a lot of things figured out for the wedding.

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