guy time

this past saturday i hung out with the guys. we started off by meeting at my parents house to follow through on something jeffry lee promised to do a while ago: we made a profile for him on one of the dating sites online! aaron and i got quite a kick out of making the profile for him. hes very much against it, so we had to take matters into our own hands. as we were filling in the forms jeffry lee sat back disinterested while we would periodically ask him questions. but for some reason he became a little more interested when we finished and he could check out profiles of different girls. strange how that works, huh?
we got hungry and decided to go eat at red robin over by rivertown mall. it was a very strange visit. soon after we sat down a strange woman came up to me and put her hand on my shoulder and asked 'where do i know you from?' she didnt offer any suggestions, or even her name, so i was stumped. after an awkward silence, she walked away again. a little later a guy walked up to rex and asked him a question about his spiderman shirt. there must have been a sign at our table that said 'come and pester us please', thats the only way i can understand what happened...
after dinner we checked out the house aaron is going to buy (totally rad), and then we went to the movies. we couldnt decide if we wanted to see 'the incredible hulk' or 'the happening', so we went to see them both! (heres my review of hulk, and happening)

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