midweek trip

this past wednesday diana and i headed back to grand rapids (three times in one week is enough, i think...) to pick up her ring. we brought it in to get the diamond reset. they didnt do the best job with it last time, they put on the wrong brackets and didnt quite center it. i didnt get it fixed right away because it would have taken an extra week and i wanted to give it to her before then.
that morning jon, my cousin, stopped by to replace dianas windshield (as i explained here), and then we went over to see jill and the kids. we picked up jackson and got lunch for all of us. we spent the afternoon playing around with the kids and having a great time. they are certainly enjoying their time with their (future) aunt diana!
after playing, we went to the mall to pick up dianas ring and it looked much better. she was happy with it, and really thats all that matters to me! then we headed over to covenant church to give them the forms for getting married in their church.
soon after we packed up and headed out to sandy pines to have dinner with my parents. we went out to this little hole in the wall place called russo's. its good food, and kind of cool because it used to be a bowling alley, and still has the wooden floors with all the arrows and lines and stuff.

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