out early

last week dianas best friend from college, lissa, came to visit. shes from out of town, she currently lives in detroit, but she had some time off so she stayed with diana for the week. i was able to go over and meet up with them for a while last weekend. she is a lot of fun, and its really funny to watch her and diana play off each other- they are hilarious together! i had met lissa once before, but that what a while ago, so it was nice to see her again.
saturday i was planning on meeting up with diana and lissa for her lunch break from work, and then doing something together that night. but things didnt exactly happen like that... after about an hour of work she called me and said 'so, you want to come pick me up?' what?!? it turned out that they had too many people scheduled and it was a slow day, so they offered to let her go! this was great considering it was lissas last day in town! the three of us went out for lunch, then lissa headed out. diana and i had an unexpected day to ourselves! we went back to her place and hung out with her dog for a while, then we went to niles to wander around the bluegrass music festival for a while. it was rather small, so we didnt stay too long. we found our way to south bend and went to the mall. she got her ring cleaned (oh so shiny!), and we went out to eat at hacienda (my personal favorite). on their soda cups they have little slots on the bottom and figured out what they are for- you can balance them on each other! quite handy for the servers im sure...
it was great to be able to have such an unexpected and beautiful day together. what fun!

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