hail to the car

over the weekend there was some crazy weather going on. down in south bend, where diana works, there was a bad hail storm. she was at work at the time, and suddenly hail started pouring down, some the size of baseballs! unfortunately, her car was out in the open in the parking lot! ive had some experience with this- years ago when i first went to visit salt lake city i flew out of omaha. when i got home they had been hit by hail and my beautiful white bonneville suddenly resembled a golf ball!
well, dianas car is now covered in dents, and boy is it ugly! the insurance company took a look at it and wrote it off as a total loss. yikes! the windshield was damaged as well, so when we went up to grand rapids this week we brought that car and had my cousin jon come and replace it. he does that for a living, and it was really cool to watch him do it. it was cool to see how he cut the windshield out with some crazy tools he has. well, now the car is still in bad shape, but at least you can see out of it to drive!

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