sharing the news

on sunday, the day after she said yes, we met up again with my family at sandy pines. we stopped in for a little bit and had lunch. but we didnt stay long, diana had a family that wanted to see us as soon as possible! so, we headed back down to buchanan and went to her moms house for a grill out. her dad and sister were there too, so we got to see everyone in one place. they were very excited for us and eager to see the ring and hear the story, and we were eager to oblige.
the meal was great, and it was kind of strange for me, because for the first time it started to sink in: these people are going to become my family too. yikes! a bit scary, but really cool.
as the evening continued on we sat and talked. barbara had noticed that they had a strange looking contraption next to the house, left over from the previous owners. it was a bike, but it was built onto pontoons. we decided that she should give it a try, and surprisingly she went for it! so we carried it to the water and she hopped on. it was really funny to see her out there pedaling this crazy bike boat amalgamation thing.
it was a great time, and i look forward to getting to know them better as my family.

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