seasons change

the end is near. we are coming to my favorite time of year: when school is out for the summer. it always feels so far away, june feels like an eternity away around march, but then before you know it: its the end of may and theres only a couple days left! this year in particular has felt like its just blown by! God blessed me with some really great kids this year, so that helps with making it go so quickly!
this past tuesday we had our 8th grad graduation. i was excited because the end of the year is almost here, but i was also a bit sad because i really loved this class! there are a lot of kids im going to really miss. and matt is leaving this summer, so its going to be the last year with him too. its sad to see things change, but im also excited about the new changes in my life since i met diana.
some things end as others are beginning. elton john was right, its just the circle of life...

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