poolhall flunkies

this weekend diana got it off, so we headed up to grand rapids. we had a lot planned, starting with hanging out with the guys friday night. we drove in and headed over to jeffry lees. we chilled there for a bit. once aaron and rexy showed up, we headed out to grab a bite to eat. jeff had some movies he rented that he wanted to burn (hes so naughty), so we waited for that to get done, then went to bw3. we hung out there for a bit, enjoying the conversation and food. rex and jeff were a bit too focused on our waitress, but we were able to change the topic periodically...
after dinner we decided to play some pool, so we went to the chicago drive pub and grill in grandville. aaron ditched us to go see his bro and sis, but the rest of us wanted to shoot some stick! when we got there there werent any tables open, but after a while we got a table and played for the rest of the night. jeffry lee was a bit rambunctious, which always makes for an interesting night... after a short stop at the convenience store and blockbuster to drop off the videos, we ended the night as we started it, at jeffs talking about crazy stuff. most of the last bit jeff doesnt remember, and that makes it even more fun!

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