anne brink

april 23 my grandma passed away. she was 92 and lived a full life. i was able to come home, with diana, for the funeral and got to see all my family on my dads side. i havent seen many of them for five or six years, so it was really great to be able to see them again. the funeral was very nice. i was able to go up and speak about her a bit and just share some of the memories i have of her and id like to recount them a little bit here.
there are two things i remember when i think of gramma: places and joy. i think of the home that she lived and raised a family in in lansing illinois every time i drive through there and the joy she must have taken in her family. i think of the house she lived in on 68th and division for all those years. the tire swing, the countless games of uno and dominoes, her pet bird sonny, the mountain dew she always stashed away for whenever us grandkids would come visit, the cookoo clock chirping the time, the german chocolate cake she would make for my dads birthday. and i saw the joy she found in our visits and in her expanding family. i think of the condo she lived in at silverleaf and the pond she loved to look out on. and still her contentment and joy at all the blessing she had been given. then i think of her time in the home where she still found joy in the little things- being able to crochet blankets, and her continual amazement that she didnt even have to do the dishes after dinners! now, i think of her in a better place, a perfect place in heaven. and i imagine her joy as it has now become fulfilled and endless. and ill bet when she saw jesus she even got his name right the first time...

we miss you gramma.

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