a happy uncle

saturday morning i got up at a reasonable time because i wanted to go with my mom and watch jacksons soccer game. there are very few things quite as strange, silly, and cute as a five year old trying to play an organized sport! but, as one would expect, i grew bored of the game quickly and instead went for a little walk with tweeter and aves. we walked to the edge of the woods and picked some flowers (weeds).
after the big game, we all headed over to mcdonalds for a bite to eat. it was a crazy mess of french fries and none of the kids were really very interested in eating, they preferred to just play...


Jill said...

Uncle Marky Mark,
You sure are good to the kids and we look forward to every weekend when you are "home"!!! Thank you so much for you love and caring of them, it means so much! We love you and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Jill said...

Yes, you love! Or shall we say your love!
Sorry didn't catch it before publishing!