diana's b-day

yesterday was dianas birthday, so i made plans to surprise her. i saw her sunday and she mentioned that she was going to go out to eat with her mom and stepdad. i wanted to see her and go out with them, but i figured it would be fun if it was a bit of a surprise. so, monday i talked with her and, through a little bit of sneaky means, got her moms phone number. i called them up and asked if i could tag along. they thought that was a great idea, so we planned that they would be at their new house with her around 6:00, and i could just meet them there and then we would go out to eat from there. it worked perfectly- she didnt suspect a thing and was quite shocked when i came walking in!
my mom even planned it out and called just as we were getting ready to go and eat. she had jills kids over and they all sang happy birthday to diana over the phone! it was really cute, and she totally loved it.
we ended up going to this really cool place called 'kate o'conners irish pub' in new carlisle. the food was really great, it was authentic irish food. diana got a shepherds pie and i got fish and chips. while we were there we gave her the birthday gifts we had brought. her mom and stepdad gave her a card with a bit of help inside, if you know what i mean... my mom and dad had gotten her a little bag and a devotional book, and i gave her a pink 8gig ipod. she loved them all and felt overwhelmed by all the birthday love!
we went back to her moms place and diana and i went out on their row boat. we rowed into the middle of the lake and enjoyed the evening. it was so beautiful!
it was so great to be able to spend time with her. dang, i really love that girl!


Sean and Rachael said...

Not bad...I'm sure you took a few lessons from your old roommate...maybe not...

Keep up the good work in being a good guy. There are so few of us out there.

Jill said...

We love you too Diana and we look forward to seeing you again sometime soon. We hope that you had a wonderful birthday!
Nice work Mark on the birthday suprise.