getting pretty

last weekend i went over to dianas because her moms family was having a get together and it was finally my turn to meet her extended family. it was fun to meet them, she has a very small family, only one aunt and uncle and a grandma so i wasnt too nervous at all. it wasnt like when she came and met the hundred or so people on my moms side of the family!
we went over to her moms house and had steak on the grill. it went well and they seemed to like me (thankfully...). we talked and hung out with her family for the rest of the night.
her aunt is starting to sell beauty products from home and she wanted to try out a few things, so she offered to diana and barbara a facial, which they both accepted. it was fun to see them put all that crazy stuff on their faces, and then see them really mad at me for taking a picture of them like that. hee hee hee...

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Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like fun! What a woman doesn't do to be beautiful!