clean slate

last weekend i headed up to grand rapids for a quick visit (roughly 7 hours). i went and ate dinner with the family, then went to go get something, and then stopped over to see jeffry lee. we hung out and as we were talking he wanted to keep picking up a little. now heres the truth of the matter: jeffs apartment is a pig sty. thankfully hes good about cleaning up food and dishes and stuff, but the place is a mess of papers, computer stuff, car parts, and other assorted junk. hes been complaining about cleaning up ever since he moved in to that apartment (last june...). ive been telling him that if he just cleans up a bit he will be a ton happier. ive always felt better when i come home from work to a clean place. whenever i have a huge mess in my living room i feel defeated and lazy the rest of the day.
well, i figured enough is enough, and i started cleaning up for him. i started organizing his cds and putting them back on the cd rack. he continued cleaning as well. after i finished with the cds, we moved on to everything else in the living room. after a couple hours we had the place looking pretty good! after moving the furniture a bit and vacuuming, the place looked like new. and jeffry lee agreed, he did feel better!

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