with the guys, part 2

saturday afternoon my mom, sister, and i went shopping for something. later that night i met up again with jeffry lee, this time aaron came along too. we went out to eat at chilis in the mall where we had a blast! the waitress there was a lot of fun and quite silly. afterwards we went to see speed racer (which i talk about here).
after the movie aaron wanted to get going, but jeffry lee and i were still in the mood to chat, so we headed back up to fridays. we talked for a couple hours; i even got to see judd, chads friend, and ask him about his wedding and stuff.
as we were leaving at 1:30am i realized that i hadnt gotten my mom a mothers day card yet, so jeffry lee and i headed over to meijers to pick over the last of their selection. after pestering each other and everybody else who was there with our commentary on the generally lame card selection they had, we walked through the store a bit. i found a fun hat and a strange incredible hulk fist. i didnt buy them, but i enjoyed doing a little moonwalk and punching jeff.

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