first walk

its finally here.  this is one of those days i had been looking forward to ever since diana and i first found out that she was pregnant: going for a walk with my son.  he has been getting better and better at waddling around the living room on his feet.  it started off with him having to hold both my hands while he tried to kick-walk with me holding up most of his weight.  little by little he gained more confidence in his step, still relying on me holding both hands.  well, recently he has taken that next step toward walking, holding only one of my hands, and even is able to take a few steps on his own!  the past few days i have been taking him out in this nice warm weather and, holding only one hand, walking with him down the sidewalk a few houses and back, going a little further each time out.  he's getting brave, and his dada is getting proud!
(more pics)

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