rex's wedding

the wedding itself was a lovely ceremony that went off without a hitch.  granted, jeffry lee fumbled on a random branch on the side of the stage, but thats par for course.  we sat by brains and his wife, keith, and chase.  it was great to see my little rexy up there lookin so handsome, being a big boy!  after the nuptials  we got a chance to talk with everyone in the back.  i caught up with a few people i hadn't seen in forever!  joel weaver, who i hadnt seen since college, adam's dad, which is someone i always love to have chat with, and even nathan kuiperus' parents who i havent seen in ages!
after the ceremony we headed over to the reception.  i had never been to the place before and was quite amazed at how beautiful it all was!  the whole thing was fantastic, rex even sang a song that he had written for his new bride- and it was incredible, making the rest of us husbands look bad...  it was a ton of fun hanging out with everyone, being a part of the festivities, enjoying a little bit of dancing.  a great time was had by all!
(more pics: 1, 2)

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