smash cake!

as is the tradition for a bithday party for a one year old, my mom got ledge a smash cake.  this is a special cake just for the birthday boy, for him to dig his hands in and make a real good mess with!  we got him down to his diaper and set him in his high chair (with a bunch of towels on the ground in anticipation for the mess that would ensue) and put the fun cake in front of him.  we werent entirely sure what to expect, how crazy would he get with this thing?  well, it turns out that he wouldnt get crazy at all.  we set the cake in front of him and he didn't want anything to do with it!  i even took his hand and touched it to get some of the frosting on it, but he just pulled his hands back and refused!  i tried putting some frosting in his mouth so he could taste how yummy it was, but even that wasnt enough to get him to try it!
it was a little anticlimactic, but oh well, i guess we will have to give it another try later.

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