clean rugs

one of the things we do from time to time for the rental property is clean the carpets.  a  couple years ago my brother in law tim replaced all the carpet over there, so i figured i should really try to make it last as long as possible, so i rented one of those carpet cleaners from the grocery store.  it worked pretty well over there, getting out most of the stains (except one- for some reason the last renters left a giant six inch blop of hot glue on the carpet in one of the bedrooms, completely ruining the brand new carpet tim put in there!  argh!  so much for their deposit!) and getting the place smelling a bit soapy.  since the wife has often asked if we could get a carpet cleaner for our living room, i thought i would surprise her while she was gone in detroit with a nice clean carpet when she returned!  it was a bit of a pain moving around all the furniture (on the other side the whole place is empty, so i didnt have to move anything!) but the fresh and clean carpet was well worth it!  i'm going to have a pleased wife, me!

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