new again

though ledger and diana had a great time with lissa, i was very happy to have them back!  and it turned out that ledger was pretty happy to be back too.  the morning after they came back (he went straight to bed the evening they actually returned) he came back to his pile of toys and had a blast!  it was like he didnt even remember he had ever played with them before!  he would pull out one toy and play with it, another toy would catch his eye and he would toss off the first one- like a kid in a candy store!  ...although, perhaps it would be more accurate to say a kid an a toy store, huh?  he and i were able to play together again for the first time in a while, and boy did we have fun!  i always love having the morning with him, a short little 45 minutes to hang out with him and play before i head off to work.  it makes the day go buy so much easier knowing that i got to spend some quality time with my son, and that i would be able to have another hour or two when i get back home!

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