dad and sis visit

obviously needing to see that cute pudgy face, barbara and diana's dad stopped in to visit!  they came down for the day and we got to spend some time hanging out with them for a while.  ledger was in a great mood when they arrived- he always loves guests!  we stopped over at our favorite thai restaurant for some tasty grub.  ledger did his usual cute thing and kept the waitresses entertained the whole time we were there.  i'm sure his smiling happy face had nothing to do with the fact that we had excellent service and many check-ins from the staff...  after lunch we stopped over at the local park that diana often takes him to.  there's a baby swing there and a few other fun things to keep ledger entertained.  we put him on the swing and he was as giddy as could be!  his joyful laughter always brings out the laughter in us too- so everyone had a good time!  when we came back to the house we got to hang out for a bit with them, even watched a movie!  ledger always loves to spend time with his extended family- and so do we!
(more pics)

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