south bend weekend

diana's mom had been asking us to stop by again for a while, so diana and ledger headed out saturday morning to spend the day over in south bend.  i had to work, so i waved them off and then headed over to the m store to move around a bunch of boxes!  when i got done though, i drove out to spend saturday night and sunday with the family.  we had a great time playing around, watching ledger scoot around the house.  he's been getting better and better at taking a small step here and there.  i would bet that before we know it he will be walking all over the place!  its always a good time to see diana's mom and david- ledger always loves it!  the only bother with this set up is that diana arrived in her car and i in mine, which means that we have to drive home separately as well.  aw man, then we miss the best part of traveling: talking to each other as we go!  oh well, a small price to pay for a fun weekend!
(more pics)

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