whenever i get home from work its hard to decipher who is more excited: me because i get to see my wife and boy, diana because she gets a little relief and help, or ledger because he gets to see dada!  i'm always greeted with a huge smile and a whole bunch of 'dada! dada!'s.  after kissing all the family members (sometimes even poco...), i usually grab a little snack.  well, this time i grabbed some celery to enjoy.  ledger was absolutely enamored with the celery for some reason and grabbed into the tupperware to get a stick of his own!  i don't know if he necessarily cared for the taste (awe, who am i kidding? celery doesn't have any taste...), but he totally loved the crunchiness of it!  he spend about five minutes gumming that thing do death!  its so fun to watch him experience new things for the first time, one of the great joys of parenthood, that's for sure!

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