while diana was gone in detroit, i had the enviable task of getting the duplex ready to rent.  our renters had told us that they would be moving out- they were going to be buying a house!  we were excited for them, but disappointed that we were going to be loosing such great neighbors.  so, the much dreaded task of repainting and cleaning had come again.  because of this task i told diana that this would be the best time to visit lissa because i wasn't going to be able to spend any time over the week with her- it was going to be straight from work to painting for me!  never one to miss a fun opportunity to see lissa, she took me up on the offer!  i went to the hardware store, got all the supplies i needed, and got right to it.  i have always hated this task, cleaning up the duplex, but it went a lot better this time than it ever had in the past.  i think one of the reasons was because i just popped in my headphones and listened to podcasts the entire time!  that really made time just zip by.  i would pop the cap off the paint can and before i knew it i had finished the living room and a bedroom!  (my favorite podcast to listen to while i worked was this one!)  with time flying by, i was able to make some real progress on the place and got it whipped in to shape in just a few days, ready to be rented out again.

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