a new way to stop

at the end of my spring break, good ol' jeffry lee dropped by for a stay!  i was thrilled!  diana, ledger, and i were over at her mom's for a short visit, but since i had to work on saturday, i left them there and planned to go back and pick them up the next day.   which means that jeffry lee and i had the place to ourselves!  we had a great old time, just a couple of bachelors living it up! we figured out how to get jeffry lee's netflix on my blu-ray player and were able to enjoy a few strange movies together.  granted, we would watch the movies for about 15 minutes and then put it on pause so we could talk each other's ears off!  i think over the course of about five hours, we only watched 45 minutes of any actual movies...  it was really awesome to have him visit, but the real reason he offered to come down was to help out with one of the problems our car has been having:  the brakes.  they have been pretty soft and squeaky, so he offered to take a look at them and get them back in order.  we spend the next day taking off the wheels, getting rid of the shoddy rusty brakes, and replacing them with shiny new brakes that would actually do their job!  it was a really fun time and a great opportunity to catch up with my dearest friend.  thanks again, jeffry lee- we owe you big time!

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