play that tune

we decided it was finally time to get our own pack-n-play for ledger.  whenever we go to our parents house they have one, but we figured we should probably just have one of our own just in case we ever go visit other people too.  we had put our name on the waiting list at the local 'once upon a child' second hand store, if they ever got one in that was the basic model, they would give us a call.  well, we finally got the call.  so ledger and i went over and picked it up.  while there we also had to get him a new pair of hard bottomed shoes that would fit his enormous feet now that he's trying to walk around.  after looking at the shoes and picking out a pair, ledger and i wandered over to the toy area.  i noticed a cool little stand up piano type thing and i showed it to him.  it kept his interest- even without batteries in it!  so i added that to the shopping list.  we got it home and popped in some batteries that worked and he was positively enamored with it!  he continues to crawl over to it and tap away at those light up keys.  not bad for twelve bucks, huh?
(more pics)

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