some father and son time

finally a vacation!  with memorial weekend here, i took off of meijer and made plans to visit my family up in grand rapids.  diana and ledger had been house sitting for her mom and david along with lissa, so the three of them actually headed up friday afternoon so they could settle in before it was ledger's bedtime.  i didn't get out of work early on friday, so i headed up to join them as soon as i could.  unfortunately though, i didn't arrive there until after our little guy had gone to nigh-night land.  it was great to see the wife again and hang out for a while with lissa, but we called it quits pretty early so we could get to bed and be ready for the fun saturday ahead.  then, finally, i got to see my boy!  when he woke up i got up with him and got to spend a nice morning with just the two of us.  while the ladies slept we headed out to get a few things from the store, some more baby food, milk, and other assorted vacation items.  oh, it was so nice to have those couple hours with my boy- how i had missed his little smile and cute babbling noises!  when we got home it was time for him to take his first nap.  soon after the girls got up and we got ready for the day.  by the time ledge was waking up it was time to go to sandy pines and see the family!

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