saying goodbye

as our memorial weekend visit comes to and end, its time to say goodbye to mema and papa.  i know this is the hardest part for my mom, she so looks forward to our visits, as regrettably infrequent as they are, and so when they come to an end its so hard to say goodbye.  now that ledger is getting old enough to actually interact with them, i'm sure its even harder.  we really do appreciate the time we get to come and visit.  its been so amazing to see ledger grow and change from one day to the next, i can only imagine what it must be like to only see him once a month!  the dramatic changes must make it feel like you are meeting a new ledger each time you see him!  we look forward to coming and visiting again soon so you can be a part of the amazing changes that have happened since last you saw him!  with summer coming, i'm hopeful that we will be able to get up there more and you can witness the amazing boy he is becoming!  he looks forward to spending more time with his mema and papa!

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