flea fashion

here's what we had been looking forward to for the past few days: the sandy pines flea market!  every year they have a bunch of flea markets at the park, the first one of the year is on memorial weekend.  lissa had never been to one, so it was very exciting for her- she went nuts and got tons of stuff!  it was especially fun because ledger could tag along and even walk along side us for most of the way!  our little fella is gettin' so big!  one of our favorite booths is the one that sells t-shirts.  my brother-in-law tim, diana, and i always love to check out their selection.  they might not be the most fashionable shirts, but they certainly are the cheapest!  they are really high quality, but the price is just right: 4 for $10!  you cant go wrong with that price, right?  they are usually sports teams or souvenir type shirts from around the country, advertising different touristy type things.  but honestly, for that cheap it doesn't really matter whats on them!  i actually found four of them that i liked, diana found four, as well as two nice hoodies- we basically got new summer wardrobes for less than forty bucks!  we had a great time checking out the rest of the place, mom got her usual haul of new flowers to fill up the deck outside their trailer, and the kids got fun little knick-knacks to play with for the day.  all in all, it was another great flea market at the pines!
(more pics)

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