on deck

sunday we spend the afternoon playing in the deck with ledger.  he's still hasn't quite gotten the hang of that whole walking thing, so we was scurrying all around on his bottom.  going this way and that just having the time of his life!  we brought out some fun toys for him to play with. we passed a ball back and fourth, ledge racing after it each time.  we even took out an old rider toy that jaidey and aves used to use years ago.  he was the happiest boy in the world!  the problem, of course, is that by the end of all that playing he was absolutely filthy!  so mema had a great idea: bring out a bucket of water and give him an impromptu bath!  well, for ledger, this made a fun afternoon even better- that boy just loves being in the water!
(more pics)

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You are welcome to borrow my princess castle car whenever I'm not cruising in it...