baby gathering

as happens every memorial day weekend, my parents hosted a potluck for all of their friends.  diana and i always try to be there for it because its a fun time to see all the old friends from sandy pines.  at first we had heard that squeegee and his wife weren't going to come and we were very disappointed.  rhonda, his mom, soon set us straight and let us know that they were coming, so we were relieved that the two who are the most fun to catch up with were going to be there!  we had a great time seeing everyone again, checking out how much all the babies had grown and meeting the newest additions to all the families.  i tell ya, as the years go on, it becomes more and more of a baby gathering than anything else- there were what seemed like dozens of toddlers waddling around!  ledger had a bunch of fun meeting all of his peers, playing with them and getting into as much trouble as he could!
(more pics)

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