walking with daddy

now that i find myself with a ton of free time, i figured i should try to put that time to good use.  see, i dont mind waking up early, so diana and i worked out a plan: she takes care of him during the night, but once he wakes up at 6:00 am, he is all mine!  well, if i'm up at 6 anyway, i might as well go for a walk, right?  so every morning i put on my walking shoes, put little ledger in the bjorn, and off we go!  we usually put in between 2-5 miles, which ledger does a good job of sleeping through!  it can be a little cold for him in the morning, so he gets bundled up real good.  on those mornings it isnt cold, he still wears his hat, but now its to keep the sun off of him!  its been a lot of fun taking him out each morning, i usually get a few smiles from the neighbors who are up and at em that early too!  i've been taking poco out with us recently, which i'm sure causes even more funny looks from those we walk past...
(more pics)

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