big boy hat

my mom gave us this hat.  i remember when ledger was first born she gave us this hat, i put it on him and it fell all the way down to his chin!  now, it fits perfectly.  i guess its time to admit that our little guy is getting bigger.  everyone always comments at how small he is.  sure, he is small, but i still remember him when he was only moments old- now that was small!  thinking about this hat that now fits will hopefully be a reminder to me of these two facts:  that our little guy is going to keep growing and isnt going to be little for long, i best make sure that i enjoy him as he is because he is constantly changing. and also to recognize what he is now and not try to hold on to the past.  i'll bet that if i keep these two things in mind i will be able to better love and appreciate our son.

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Captainbananapants said...

Ummmmm... That face.