this little guy just keeps getting cuter and cuter!  ledger is becoming more and more alert as the days go by, it almost seems like he is changing by the day- each morning he wakes up with some new trick to show off to his mom and dad.  what has been so amazing is being able to see and recognize those little developmental steps that he is taking, inching forward little by little.  he seems to recognize people, getting excited when he sees his aunts, or grandmas, or grandpas, or cousins.  he has begun to understand the day's schedule, knowing that after he feeds he gets to play for a while and then its nap time (granted, he fights that one till his last breath!).  one of the things that i find especially hilarious is his constant desire to put his hands in his mouth- and he can get those mitts of his pretty far in there!  i think he he tried hard enough he could get his whole fist in there!  along with those new skills he is showing more and more of his personality, which is so much fun.  every time i see him i get so excited about getting to know him and getting to build a father/son relationship with him.  i know how close i am with my dad, and i cant wait to begin forging that lifelong relationship with my son.
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