night time

we have been getting into the habit of giving ledger a bath each day before bed.  at first he seemed to hate them (i think he gets that from his father...), but since we have been doing it every night he has taken a little more of a liking to it.  he no longer whines and complains through out the whole ordeal, pulling his arms back when we would try to clean them.  instead he just silently watches as we wash him, scrubbing his tummy, pits, and toes!  he still doesnt much care for it when we wash his hair, all that water on his head still kind of freaks him out a little bit.
it has been quite helpful to create a pattern, or ritual, for getting ready for bed.  he  seems to understand that once he gets his bath then its time to get sleepy.  we wash him up, put on his pajamas, rock him in the rocking chair, sing him a couple songs, and then its into the crib with him!  some times he will fuss for five or ten minutes, but usually he goes straight to sleep.  if this keeps up, we are going to be very happy parents!

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