swinging owls

what is it about those owls?  diana picked up a swing for ledger a few months ago, she found a great deal on it.  it was in great condition, but the little stuffed animals that hang over ledger's head as he swings are just two kinda lame looking owls.  they look pretty boring, as you can see; we figured that we would have to try and find some other sort of toy to put in their place so ledger could have something interesting to look at.  well, it turns out we were way wrong!  these dumb little owls are ledger's favorite things in the world!  when we put him in the swing, he will stare at them so intently, babbling to them, and give them the biggest grins ever!  he doesn't even smile at his mom and dad the same way he smiles at those infernal owls!
(more pics)

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