clean poco

recently we took poco to petsmart, he's been having some issues lately with regrettably living up to his nickname: stink bottom!  they will take him for a couple hours and clean him up, expel his glands, trim his nails, and clean out his ears for pretty cheap, so we figured it was worth it.  we are always a bit worried when we bring him to where other people or dogs might be.  see, our little stink dog doesnt really play well with others...  or so we thought!  when we went to go pick him up a couple hours later, the woman behind the counter talked about how sweet he was, that he was the best behaved chihuahua she has ever dealt with before.  what?!?  you are talking about our dog, right?!?  strange...  oh, and when we got him back he was also dressed in this ridiculous petsmart scarf- so adorable!

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