rescheduled shopping

now that its summer vacation, diana and i can do what ever we want during the afternoon.  well, what ever our little napping and feeding little guy will allow!  my mom took us up on that opportunity and we made plans to visit her in michigan city.  there is an outlet mall in town there and they have some great baby stores that diana had been wanting to visit for months now!  in fact, on the day that ledger was born we actually had plans to meet mom and papa in michigan city to do some baby shopping!  finally, all these months later, we got around to it!  mom and diana had a great time shopping and finding all kinds of cute baby stuff.  i was in to it for about a half hour, at which point i let them continue on while i wondered off to the book store.  an hour or so later they were wrapping it up, bags in tow, happy as clams!
(more pics)

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