cabin in the pines

diana and i planned to go up to grand rapids and visit my parents straight from south bend, unfortunately we didnt have everything we needed to extend the trip, so instead we headed back home for a night, regrouped, and drove up to g.r.  my mom was so excited about our visit that she made some pretty special arrangements for us: she got us a cabin at sandy pines!  usually when we come to visit in the summer we stay at my parents house and they stay out at the trailer.  this is a nice set up in that we get to have a place to ourselves, but the big draw back is that we have to drive back and forth to see them and we have to leave early so we can get ledger to bed and all that stuff.  well, my parents rented out a cabin for us instead, that way we got all the good and none of the bad of traveling or having to call it quits early!  diana was so excited about it that when we arrived and pulled in to the cabin lot she was absolutely giddy with excitement!  we checked it out, unpacked, and got ourselves comfortable!  the cabins are really popular out there, so mom and papa could only get us two weekday nights, which was perfect for us since we were arriving on wednesday.
the cabin itself was really tiny, but very cute (which diana mentioned often!).  there is one larger room with a big bed, table, and two chairs, and there is also a small back room that has two sets of bunk beds, an air conditioner, and a mini fridge.  a lovely little place to stay.  one problem though: no bathroom!  fortunately they built it only a hundred feet from the community bathroom, so it wasnt a huge deal.  we set up ledger's pack and play in the smaller room and we were in business!
(more pics)

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